Gold Standard Rewards™

Did you know you're guaranteed to earn Gold Standard Rewards™ points every time you make a qualifying transaction using your debit card? Use your points for your choice of great Rewards, including name-brand electronics, travel with no blackout dates, and more!

Every non-PIN based debit transaction qualifies, so slide and sign at your favorite stores, set up automatic bill payments, and use your card for online purchases. You’ll be amazed how fast your points add up! Best of all, there’s never a fee for this automatic rewards program, and your points never expire.

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Program Features

  • No annual fee
  • Zero-liability coverage on all unauthorized purchases (if reported in a timely manner)
  • Special values & promotions are available every month at
  • View your point balance on your quarterly Gold Standard Rewards™ statement. For your most up-to-date balance, log into www.Gold

How To Earn Points

  • Use your debit card to earn points
  • Points are earned with signature transactions only - simply choose or request "credit"
  • Earn 1 point for every $2 in qualifying retail purchases
  • Use it anywhere MasterCard™ is accepted
  • Use it just like you would use a check
  • PIN-based transactions DO NOT earn points

Merchandise Rewards

(888) 675-6646

  • Appliances, electronics, home furnishings, recreation, and more! *
  • Gift levels start at 2,000 points
  • Enjoy free shipping on all merchandise
  • Redeem points for merchandise online (

Travel Rewards

(866) 465-8868

  • Airline tickets, hotel, & rental car certificates, cruises, vacation packages, and much more! *
  • Round-trip airline tickets start at 35,000 points
  • A variety of Air Reward types provide flexibility when redeeming


*Items shown may vary. Complete catalog available at